Window Production Machines


Unlimited number of tools can be used thanks interchangeable shafts. The system of shaft movement on high precision guides requires no maintenance for the life of the machine. The very compact machine is and completely enclosed, greatly reducing noise and dust emmissions and providing maximum safety for the operator.

    During profiling the piece is held by a pneumatic counterguide. The working can be done using “splitting” method: the three shafts work at the same time forming a combined profile. At the end of the machine it is possible to use a roller chute for return of the pieces to the operator
    There is the possibility to profile sashes using up to three shafts at a time. The first can be set for counter rotation if required, the second is used for profiling and the third makes a hardware groove on requested side
    PS Dynamic profiling machine does the squaring of the sashes with the use of a carriage that can hold a sash up to 600 mm wide. It is equipped with a pull out support beam for use when squaring large size sashes.


In the range of SAOMAD machines for the window making there are the sash-profiling machines mod. PS 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 A with base structure made of structural steel to give a high degree of stability.
The easy programming makes the use of this machine simple and flexible.
The basic machine PS A is equipped with 2 shafts; the first turns a clockwise and the second anti-clockwise direction performing the anti-chip work.
The machine can also be fitted with glass retaining strip unit and lock slotting unit.
Thanks to a microprocessor programmer each machine operation (start, stop, shaft adjustment, ecc) are programmer-assisted.
We planned this machine to allow each adjustments happen on friction bearing sliding on tempered steel lubricated by oil reservoir.
Long life and no maintenance needed. Possibility to add at a later stage a tenoning machine and obtain a work centre for window frames.

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