Window Production Machines


ROTOWOOD is the result of years of experience and innovation. It is an electronic working centre for the production of window frames which can produce, according to its composition, from 30 to 80 window frames a day, completely finished both in the tenoning and profiling side.


The control panel of our working centers is moveable thanks to a particular hanging structure with joints and it is possible to move it in accordance with operator positions. You could move comfortably the control panel in each work positions and change with the machine in function, programs or different items.


Rotowood Evo is an electronic working centre for window and door production. Its standard configuration is suitable for every type of tenoning and profiling working. Through a CNC unit and an automatic tool change system this machine can perform drilling and milling workings on the 6 sides of the piece)for every type of door and window frames.


Today many companies are requiring a high level of versatility and flexibility in production techniques particularly in the manufacture of window frames. After careful analysis of the markets requirements, SAOMAD developed the electronic working centre OPERATOR for the production of window frames.


TITANIUM is the result of years of experience and innovation in the woodworking machinery production. Thank to its level of technology and to a blocking system, which allows to calculate the dimension of the pieces in automatic, this working center ensures high productivity in a reduced time.

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